TECHFIED is a research and technology oriented company. Our focus is to leverage Hi-tech and technology to bring out innovative solutions for related industries . Started back in 2009 as Libmaker Web Solution has gone through series of technical and domain maturity.

Today developers are creating tools and productivity solutions for business users, but for almost half-a-decade, tools and technology they use have come to a standstill and are not improving radically, instead focus is just to make things easier and qucker for developers.

At TECHFIED we believe that without break-though innovation it is hard to sustain here or maintain the spirit of software industry as an aid to science and helping hand for everyone. So we make sure whatever is made innovation is never ignored.

Initially it began with an e-commerce hosted app, couple year later we realized interest in core programming & research. Since then development model is shifted towards creating solutions for other software vendors that are looking after “not yet made” software solutions.

While working on things like web browsers, HTML rendering engine, DRM solutions, Audio Analysis, ebook readers, watermarking, Mobile and web applications, there have been tremendous experience building.

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