Below is the list of some of work done by TECHFIED SYS. Some of them are available for free and few have live demo.

Mobile app for Stock alerts | day Low/High
If you are NSE (National Stock exchange) trader, this app is for you, with ScripTicker android app you can receive real-time alerts directly on your phone, alerts are generated when the stocks from NS... more

Social DRM and Watermarking for ebooks
TECHFIED's Social DRM is a tool for generating watermarked ebooks. Watermarks are both in visible and invisible forms It warns end user not to do anything prohibited by copyright... more

Automated Algorithmic Trading
We provide series of software and tools to assist modern day trader in the areas of algorithmic trading and automated trading. including robots, terminal data feed and stock scanner etc. more

EPUB Finder - An epub search tool
EPUB Finder is a small command line tool for textual searching within epub files. It looks for a given keyword of all html/xhtml files inside an epub. Searching can be performed on a single epub file ... more

Ebook Delivery System for Indie Sellers
Sell ebooks from your Blog, Social media pages and Websites and get paid directly to your Paypal account. Optionally Apply proprietary techfied encryption on your ebooks, based on two key encrypti... more

Anant Reader for eBooks
Anant Reader is an eBook reading software for reading formats like EPUB, Fiction-book (FB2), HTML. It is available for PC, Linux and Android devices.... more

EasyDRM - An easy and affordable way to protect EPUBs
EasyDRM (EPUB Digital Rights Management) solution from TECHFIED is an end-to-end content distribution system useful for Ebookstores, Lbraries, Publishers and Individual authors who ne... more

Anant Online Ebook Reader - Web based
Anant web based reader is an innovative e-reading solution for EPUB books. Concept of online reading has been realized for multiple use cases today when much of internet traffic is created from mobile... more

LookInside an online EPUB previewer for eBookStore
LookInside is an ebook preview tool useful to eBookStores as an addon utility that can be swiftly added to webpages for providing controlled preview of content from epub files, it can also be used as ... more

MP3 audio Watermarking for eBooks & Music Industry

Welcome to asses our yet another exciting ”Social  DRM Solution” for Audio content, currently MP3 audio format is supported in soon future oth... more