MP3 audio Watermarking for eBooks & Music Industry

Welcome to asses our yet another exciting â€Social  DRM Solution” for Audio content, currently MP3 audio format is supported in soon future other popular formats will be included.  With this command line tool one can quickly add watermark text in audio files, which can be such as copyright and buyer information  The same tool allows to decode back audio files and view hidden message.

As many would know MP3 files are made of individual frames, hidden text bits are distributed throughout the span of these frames in such a way that it makes very hard & trivial any effort to remove watermarks. The watermarking procedure adds a slight amount of noise  in resulting MP3 file, amount of audible noise can be controlled by with additional program arguments.

DRM operation is very fast and can be integrated with any eCommerce system to serve real time downloading of digital contents.

Specs :
- Platform – Windows & LINUX
- Character length support upto 2000+ depending on length of music file.
- Longer text can be added by allowing alteration in MP3 file size.
- Realtime processing of files.
- Very little & undetectable noise generation.

Supported audio
- MP3 (MPEG – 1, Layer 3)

Example usage (Command line)

shell#> mp3drm.exe -p “<path-to-mp3-file>” “<output-file-path>” “this is the text to be added”