EasyDRM - An easy and affordable way to protect EPUBs

EasyDRM (EPUB Digital Rights Management) solution from TECHFIED is an end-to-end content distribution system useful for Ebookstores, Lbraries, Publishers and Individual authors who needs to share contents without losing control over it. It is designed to avoid painful process and high cost associated with traditional DRM systems.

Usability of DRM is a topic of never ending debate, some have declared DRM a total waste but we believe DRM is not dead neither it is waste of resources. Few past cases of abandoning drm had very specific reasons which suited them. Basically for low cost ebook genres applying DRM did not yield as much profit as overall cost of running business gone up still it did not cover up the losses from piracy. Installing and running DRM is no laymen's job either plus an extra cost for customer care.

In EasyDRM we tried to solve some of these major problem;

- Keep the system as flexible as possible. - Keep the cost of applying DRM as low as possible. - Not have a hard-line DRM that become menace to end users.

EasyDRM is offered in three ways:

- Using web service for individual authors to manually generate ebooks and deliver them. - A web service hosted at TECHFIED to automate above process, good for those who do not want to run DRM system themselves. - Install and run DRM server on your premise this is to have better control on your data.

EasyDRM solution from TECHFIED does not tie you to any specific hardware rather we have ebook reader apps available for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux & Android (iPhone to be added soon) etc. Our piracy protection mechanism and software architecture is a strong safeguard.

Architecture: EasyDRM is based on usual Server - Client model, ebooks created by EasyDRM server is consumed by intended reader. Both software are provided by TECHFIED. Anant ebook reader is available for multiple platforms and DRM Server is available for Linux and Windows machine where they can be easily integrated with existing web technologies.

In a brief EasyDRM utilizes public-private key pair encryption mechanism, user's device has visible public key which is shared with book seller, DRM Server upon request would dynamically generate encrypted version of epub using users public key and unique private book key which is hidden from all parties, thus by knowing only public key one cannot decode epub files.

How it works:

Buyer from your site can download Anant Reader application for Free.

Buyer share his device public key to you either by register to your website or using email.

When user makes a purchase, download is routed through TECHFIED content server application that results in a DRM protected ebook.

Buyer can view ebooks using compatible & authenticated e-Readers on any platform.

A mini demo for Easy DRM