EPUB Finder - An epub search tool

EPUB Finder is a small command line tool for textual searching within epub files. It looks for a given keyword of all html/xhtml files inside an epub. Searching can be performed on a single epub file or entire directory containing multiple epub.

Apart from viewing search results in command shell, a log file is also created containing same output. This tool is UTF-8 aware, meaning you can search in any language supported by Unicode specification.

This tool is available for Windows and Linux as a command line executable. Find the download link on the bottom of this page.

Use the following command to perform a quick search.

./epub-finder.exe --f -s "[path to epub directory or file]" -k "[your keyword]"


#>cd [directory containing epub-finder.exe]

#>epub-finder.exe --f -s "C:/mnt/data/books/" -k "my family"

#>epub-finder.exe --f -s "C:/mnt/data/books/readme.epub"-k "more text"

Download for windows

Download for linux_x86_64