LookInside an online EPUB previewer for eBookStore

LookInside is an ebook preview tool useful to eBookStores as an addon utility that can be swiftly added to webpages for providing controlled preview of content from epub files, it can also be used as an online reader.

In simple terms LookInside is an ebook reader designed to run directly on web browsers Special thing about this is it does not require any extra software/plugin to be installed by end users. ebook content is rendered in image format which helps in illegitimate copying or piracy of your content.

Features: - A fully featured epub reader for web - Require no plugin to be installed on web Browsers. - Serves ebook pages in image format. - Transparent watermark can be added to output pages. - No direct or full content of ebook is loaded to web browser. - Content ui can be designed by you with any canvas dimension.

Software bundle: - A content server installed on your server - A small php wrapper script wraps execution calls to content server - Frontend ui consists of ajax or plain http calls made to php script would return rendered pages in image format.