Social DRM and Watermarking for ebooks

TECHFIED's Social DRM is a tool for generating watermarked ebooks. Watermarks are both in visible and invisible forms It warns end user not to do anything prohibited by copyright and also facilitates publishers to track the origin of their eBooks found from other places. In simple terms it is an eBook watermarking tool.

Reason why the concept of Socially DRMed Books is favored by publishers because, it is lot easier to implement, require little customer support overheads when compared to encryption DRMs, It also keeps the flexibility on how eBooks are viewed.

Our social drm is offered in thee forms:
Server editionGood for anyone who owns a dedicated website for selling eBooks
Email editionWorks for everyone including authors and indie publishersMore info
Desktop editionDownload a desktop program to add watermarksDownload

A common use case of our Social DRM tool is at eBookstores, Libraries and Indie-sellers. Publishers can integrate Social-DRM tool to their existing content management system which makes them capable of stamping buyer information and copyright text at the time of eBook download. Stamping process accepts real-time parameters and it produces Digitally signed eBook in a fraction of second.

One problem faced by social-DRM is Removal of watermark. As we know anybody can strip eBooks, find all watermarks and remove them using search and replace tools quickly no matter where and how many places watermark were added. Here is something we have tried to make it harder for pirates. . This TECHFIED's Social DRM robustness is achieved by randomization technique.

Features of Server Edition

- Works with EPUB, PDF and MOBI formats. - Can be installed on any server with root access. - Can be used to serve dynamically modified eBooks - Works fast enough to generate books in real-time, this is an advantage over script based or RESTful style watermarking services where users to wait during download. - Easy to integrate with PHP, .NET or Java based applications.


1. Adds watermarks on the bottom of each chapter file (EPUB). 2. Appends given text to the title of each chapter (EPUB). 3. Insertion of dynamically created copyright pages anywhere in epub spine (EPUB). 4. Adds randomized text at dense interval (such as trademark) this makes it difficult to remove watermark (EPUB). 5. Adds Digital signature to generated eBooks to tell if its content was altered (eg: watermarks were removed or content edited). 6. Ebook generation is lightening fast compared to script based solutions the difference is evident when eBooks are large in size(EPUB). 7 Adds stamping images containing copyright notice (PDF only).

Basic Installation

- Copy the app folder in your servers home directory. - Make your server account has root access or you can run executable. - Invoke the command using in script like PHP using exec() or system(). - A modified eBook file will be generated.

Free download - LIMITED FEATURES

Windows 32/64 bit

Linux 64 bit