Anant Reader for eBooks

Anant Reader is an eBook reading software for reading formats like EPUB, Fiction-book (FB2), HTML. It is available for PC, Linux and Android devices. It can render eBook content as good as a browser based reading applications. Anant Reader is portable and carries small footprint, only about 3.5 MB.

When plenty of eBook readers exist, motto for developing yet another reading software was to fill the gaps when we combine features like better html rendering, lightweight, fast, portability etc.

Current state (v0.8.9):
  • EPUB, FictionBook (FB2) and HTML eBooks
  • Support for fixed layout EPUB.
  • Embedded fonts supported.
  • CSS/ CSS-2 style attributes supported.
  • A proprietary DRM extension.

Anant Reader is currently under active development. This is a beta release available for evaluation without any guarantee. App bugs/ crash reports and suggestions are highly welcomed.

Downloads: Get it on Google Play Download for Windows PC

Download for linux (64bit)